Reviewing LOCKE & KEY an Original Series From Netflix

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Netflix has finally released this series based on the popular comic Locke & Key by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez. The series follows the Locke family as they move into their ancestral home after experiencing the tragic loss of their father.

The family quickly learns that something deeper is happening with the home and it might be connected to the loss of their father.  But, is this series a door worth opening?

Fantasy and Mystery

If you are a fan of fantasy and mystery, then this is definitely a series worth watching. The Locke children uncover keys that not only unlock doors but also magical powers. Each key they find reveals new mysteries to the key house. Want a key that can take you anywhere? Check! They have that too. 

The series explores the journey of the Locke children. A trio made up of Bode (Jackson Rober Scott), Tyler (Connor Jessup) and Kinsey (Emilia Jones). Together they discover a world of enchantment, bizarre powers, and even evil forces seeking to capture the keys from them. 

The children are joined by their mom (Darby Stanchfield from “Scandal”) and their uncle (Aaron Ashmore who you will remember from the X-men movies). The mom and uncle try their best to make the move into the new home as pain-free as possible with little success thanks to the power of the keys. 

Series Elements

Locke and Key have elements of horror woven throughout without taking it to the harsh levels as other horror shows. Shows based on graphic novels do tend to lean more toward an older audience. Netflix has done a great job of getting close, but not making it overwhelming.

The visuals are impressive with the Massachusetts snowy backdrop and the special effects of the keys themselves.


Is this series grand enough to replace the colossal success of stranger things? No. However, all-in-all this is still a great series with plenty of mystery and magic to binge while we wait for the next stranger things season. 

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