October 9, 2019


We are two brothers from Dallas, TX who love participating in and supporting the creative arts. Between the two of us, we have done some pretty creative things. This includes everything from working on a Chuck Norris film to joining the circus, writing books, creating television commercials, hosting a podcast, door-to-door sales, leading an online training of hundreds of people, and, yes, even dressing up like Charlie Chaplin in downtown Dallas. 

Mac Hernandez is the older of the two brothers. He is a film and television producer/book writer/ artist/jack-of-all traits creative. 

Kevin Hernandez AKA Kevin from heaven is a contributor for BurstofImagination.com. He has a corporate trainer background and is a self-proclaimed marketing nerd.  He has been happily married to a girl from Texas for over a decade and has two amazing kids that daily fuel his imagination. 

We are on a mission to inspire other creatives and to make a community where those who create can be heard.